The key to a meaningful life is to begin sharing what you find of highest value to the people around you. We provide you with all the tools that you need in order to monetize your idea and to make your vision profitable. Your personal experiences and unique voice has a much higher value in the marketplace then that you are aware of right now.
6. Words with wings
7. Enchanting images
8. Foremost friends
9. Unforgettable experiences
10. Overwhelming proof

PRICE: €1500

“David worked with me on two projects, Syntropi, a Swedish NGO, and in designing Crowdpol, a pro-social platform for changemakers. His responsibilities were both that of a project manager coordinating the activities of the team and also an Art Director in charge of design and communication. He performed these tasks with great prowess and exceptional dedication. In fact, neither project would have moved forward very rapidly without him and it is unlikely that they would have taken on the very clear and easy to use shape they now have without his guidance in the design, attention to detail and valuable insight in general. I found David to be exceptionally talented at grasping an at times quite abstract vision and boiling it down to a set of clear and useful features but also managing to link these together into a functioning whole in line with the original vision. His people skills and ability to listen are uncommonly developed in my experience, along with a deep understanding of human psychology and communication, both on the individual and group level.” —Tim Olsson, CEO of Crowdpol, President of Syntropi Thinktank
”If you want to realize your vision, David is the right person to aquire help from. I’ve seen David assist numerous people, including myself, in bringing their idea into reality. David has a deep understanding of the human psyche, as well as the patterns of communication that make people act in certain ways. He is very genuine in what he does and will without a doubt become a powerful catalyst for the growth of your project.” —Pauli Saari, Meditation techer, Purpose guide Coach, Cognitive Neuroscientist

”David, with his simple yet effective methods, was able to clarify my vision, pinpoint my business program and anchor my inspiration through a clear set step by step progression. This really helped me bring my dream into reality and to understand several crucial processes that are needed to provide the basis for success. Combined with his expertise and charming character I am more than glad to be working with him in the future!” — Daniel Müller, Wim Hof Method Workshop-leader​​​​​​​
”David possesses a genius of creative talent and an impressive mind.” —Håkan Palm
Communications strategist and Board member of Karolinska institutet, Mercedes, ICA & education manager at SEB
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