Accessing your creative power is the central building-block of all areas in life. Regardless if you are starting an exciting project, or entering into a important relationship, you need to proceed from the deepest part of who you are. That’s how you build something that lasts, and it’s when you are true to yourself that you can be true to the people around you. I will inspire you to discover what your highest potential really is.

PRICE: €100/H
"After talking to David, I always feel that I have received a new insight or epiphany. Whether it's on relationships, self-development, business plans or philosophical thoughts, I leave the discussion with a stronger motivation, deeper understanding and alot of new ideas and perspectives. Thanks to the many books and theories he has studied, he always manages to recommend something that I can read about the subject that helps and stimulates me even more. It feels like his brain is a human library filled with the best of psychology, philosophy, personal development and relationship theories. He has the ability to listen, understand in depth, and analyze the problem. Instead of throwing out a response or forcing a solution, he helps you to gain the insights and knowledge needed to understand and come up with the solution in your own way, which is incredibly important as they both strengthen your own self-esteem and broadens your own perspective. In simple ways he applies his own conversational perspective to the lives of others.
 David gives the people around him a sense of courage to accomplish larger things than they dare to challenge themselves with, and to take steps they would otherwise not dare to take. He seems to have a natural instinct for wanting to help every person who comes in his way. His genuine concern and interest in the individual shines through, whether in his professional role or just as a fellow human being. David discovers opportunities where others find excuses, sees chances where others see risks, and he dares to believe that everything is possible;  that you can change not only yourself, but the world we live in. His driving force and motivation seems to consist in helping others reach their goals and to develop, and in this way he manages to change the world, one step at a time, and that is great!" — Amanda McKee, Head of Consumer Market Insights at Unilever​​​​​​​
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