Whether you’re going for the next level in your career or deepening your self-awareness, we assist you in creating a more powerful synthesis between yourself, and the world around you. We invite you to embark on an adventure that consists of accessing all the pieces of your innate potential, enabling you to build a foundation that will support the transformation you aim for.

PRICE: €100

”Transformational, opening. I felt a deep sense of understanding and connection. A feeling of non-duality. A reminder that this human experience is shared and that community and exchange is vital, necessary and healing.” — Nicola Poulos, Designer
”Enlightening, deeply reflective. Heartwarming, supported by the world, insightful, rewarding, worthwhile for community development & collaborative projects. Well thought out and facilitated." — Claire Hope, Yoga teacher
”Reassuring that everyone is on different yet similar paths, all searching for a version of the same thing. That we are not alone.” — Ricky Thomas, Festival organizer

"I realized, or suddenly experienced that I was God, and that everyone around me also was God. We were all gathered. It was like all the eyes in the universe were there and saw everything." — Mikael Söderström, Yoga teacher
"Thank you for this completely magical experience, the only word I can utter is Wow!" — Sabina Tabakovic, Photographer
"A wave of love .. "  — Daniel Ek, Psychologist
"The workshop helped us develop genuine humanity from within and meet naturally. It's enriching just to think about it, and it makes me experience a strong desire for creative expression now." — Johan Halldén, Programmer

”I spontaneously feel that this workshop is something that everybody should experience. The exercise put's you in touch with you empathic self, and without comparing, discriminating or analyzing you start to "feel" what others keep within themselves. No one leaves untouched. Waking up with sour cheeks from smiling to much is a good sign. Perfected is the word! Thank you David and all the other stars! " — Christian Bjerring, Musician

"Amazingly fun and inspiring! A feast for the soul that could have lasted forever." — Frida Östlund, Sales consultant
“Unbelievable relaxing to wake up and come home through the guidance of these simple concepts and exercises. The magic is real! — Löfberg Elja Emilia, Musician
"Glorious! Great that 'ordinary' people can get access to conversation keys that make you grow." — Marie Bejstam, Facilitator of cultural events
"An incredibly delightful and insightful Boost of energy!" — Anna Palm, Choir Leader"
"Thank you as f*ck for this day! What an enormous sense of empathy I got. I also saw that it was shared by everyone here. Cool as f*ck!" Mats Oscarsson, Photographer
"Thank you for this day! Immense ideas, overwhelming energies, insights about the self and my perception about others.. Let's do this!" — Linn Linderson, Musician
"Inspirational! Educational! Captivating!" — Jessica Kujanpää, Performer
"Thank you!! This is f*cking great stuff!" — Sebastian Teodorsson, Investor
"Extremely interesting and rewarding! The Workshop Leader get 11 points out of 10 possible." — Sanna Hedenberg, Sociology student
"This evening is, wow, there are no words. The energy, presence, openness, and love crafted in this room is so beautiful, so unusual. Keeping space for each other and listening with our whole hearts really took us to our essence. We are high, all of us now. I just want to dance, hug, be, and share this energy further. I am convinced that this will spread further! I am extremely grateful and moved right now to meet all these beautiful brothers and sisters. Again we are reminded that we are all, and want the same thing; love, respect, and presence to us all. Thank you!" — Jeanette Carleson, Coach
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