Inner Communication: Write your lifescript
We assist you in fully taking charge of the story of your life. You will learn how to write your own life script, and bring the best version of yourself into all aspects of your current situation. You will also learn how you, in the long-run improve the quality of every aspect of your professional work, all of your interpersonal relationships, and most important: the interaction with yourself.

Step 1: An inexhaustible source of energy
Step 2: Your gift to the world
Step 3: The role you play in the lives of others
Step 4: Symbolic acts
Step 5: The perfect day

David's courses are something very special. I recommend them to 100% for those who want to understand more about what drives you through life and who wants to fill your existence with more meaning and a sense of context The community that arises in the group is amazing.I have been crying, laughing and learning very much, partly about how I work myself, and partly about how you as a group can get in touch with what is From the common place, every one of the group has found their own, unique expression of a meaningful and happy life. If you want to connect with your inner will, fill your life with purpose and experiencing moments of unconditional love and fellowship, then David's courses are really for you.

Staffan ArrheniusHead of Content & Analytics