Workshops for Creativity & Self-Leadership

Activate your parasympathetic nervous system, get creative & upgrade your interaction with the world

A global network of creatives that meet every week around the globe and engage in artistic exercizes for igniting our visions, gaining social aptitude and realizing our dreams

Enlightening, deeply reflective. Heartwarming, supported by the world, insightful, rewarding, worthwhile for community development & collaborative projects. Well thought out and facilitated.

Clare Hope MorrisYoga teacher

If you want to connect with your true Will, fill your life with purpose and experience moments of unconditional love and fellowship, then these courses are for you.

Staffan ArrheniusHead of content and analytics

These brilliant courses present you with the opportunity to reinvent the best version of yourself, through a very empathic group.

Linus LundkvistCoach & HRV Instructior

Reassuring that everyone is on different yet similar paths, all searching for a version of the same thing. That we are not alone.

Ricky ThomasFestival facilitator

The workshop helped us to develop a sense of real humanity in ourselves and meet naturally. It enriches me to just to think about it, and I feel a strong desire for creative expression now.

Johan HalldénDeveloper

Spontaneously I feel that this is something everyone should experience. These exercises creates magic. No one leaves untouched and waking up with soreness in you cheeks is a good sign. Perfected is the word!

Christian BjerringMusician

Incredibly wonderful to be able to wake up and come home, assisted by these simple models and exercises. The magic is real.

Saga WingstedtArtist Trubadeur

Transformational, opening. I felt a deep sense of understanding and connection. A feeling of non-duality. A reminder that this human experience is shared and that community & exchange is vital, necessary and healing.

Nicola PoulosGraphic designer

These courses gave me an incredible amount of power & life-knowledge which is continually crucial for my quality of being today.

Linn ElisabetMusic producer & Dj

Amazingly fun and inspiring! A feast for the soul that could have continued forever!

Sanna HedenbergSales consultant

When a person allows himself to be who he truly is, something beautiful occurs. What is true within is made visible to everybody. This became clear during the workshop; all of the participants' faces were shining.

Pauli SaariLife purpose coach

Thank you for this completely magical experience. The only word I can utter is 'Wow!'

Sabina TabakovicPhotographer

The inexhaustible source of energy, I found it! I knew it was there and this workshop helped me to awaken it. Pure divine vitality!

Sebastian TeodorssonDay trader & investor
Workshops & Courses

Whether you’re going for the next level in your career, or deepening your self-awareness, we assist you in creating a more powerful union between yourself and the world around you. We invite you to begin a journey of reawakening all the aspects of your self, and enable you to build a dynamic platform for the life you aim for

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The Bravepeople Team

Through the assistance of our support team, you will get all of the resources that you need in order to begin exceeding the expectations of yourself and others. It’s time to stand up and show’em what you’ve got

Workshop creator

David Eldenstierna

Art Director, global entrepreneur, author & coach

Art Director, entrepreneur, author & coach. Over 20 years professional experience in graphic design, start-ups, and public speaking. Engaged in diverse fields ranging from finance, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship, to cultural establishments, humanitarian endeavors, and technology.

Further, a distinctive talent for storytelling combined with a philosophical mind, over the years engaged in several speaking and teaching-assignments centered on the creative process.

Workshop facilitator

Tim Olson

Visionary, global entrepreneur & acroyoga teacher

Visionary, global entrepreneur & acroyoga teacher
Workshop facilitator

Blake Evertsen

Social skills coach. Global entrepreneur

Social skills coach. Global entrepreneur.

Workshops for creativity & self-leadership